Fishing Savage Supports State Clean Water Efforts

At Fishing Savage, we want our customers to enjoy their time outdoors, connecting with nature, and catching fish from our Earth's rivers, lakes and oceans!

It is not possible to do this when our water sources are filled with plastic, oil and other pollutants. To support clean water effort, we ask that you always be aware of this local and global concern and do your part to keep water clean.

See America's Rivers for more information on how you can do your part.


Fishing Savage makes a monthly donation to America's Rivers to support clean water efforts.

You can do the same by donating monthly or by participating in clean-up events.

Tag us in your photos on Instagram @fishing__savage.


Fish Restocking Organizations

Fish restocking is another important way to support healthy water ecosystems. Please think about contributing to the Florida Fishery Foundation to support the cause.

The Bigger Picture: Our Connection to Water and Marine Life



We are part of a global community.

Learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Together we can keep our global water systems clean.