Fishing Savage Sponsorship Program

How To Become Sponsored by Fishing Savage

Applications for 2019-20 Sponsorships are now closed. Keep an eye here for news when applications re-open.

Thank you for your interest in being sponsored by Fishing Savage. At Fishing Savage, we have a profound enthusiasm for all aspects of fishing. We understand that having great partners in the field, actively engaging and promoting is critical to our success. We know that great original content is what drives new customers to our brand, while retaining existing customers. We are looking for knowledgeable, professional and outgoing partners who love to fish and who actively participate in all channels of social media. We have a high level of expectation of our staff, just as our customers require from us. We are constantly looking for people who have drive and passion to help build our brand.

1. Join our SOCIAL MEDIA channels

2. Email with your interest.

3. We will respond via email to discuss how we can support you with our sponsorship program.

Feature Sponsorship Awardees October 2019


Chip from

Chip fishes in his regional rivers and lakes in the Northeast.



David from Alberta

David fishes the lakes of Alberta and Saskatchewan for all kinds of fish including trout, pike and walleye.


Lane from North Carolina

Lane fishes bass in his regional lakes.



Hayden from Georgia

Hayden fishes bass in his area rivers and lakes with mostly Googan baits.


Feature Sponsorship Awardees September 2019


Brad from North Carolina

Brad prefers a bait casting reel and rod setup, fishing with all kinds of soft and hard baits. He takes pride in helping out to keep the local ponds clean for everyone's enjoyment.


Meet Nick from Ohio!

Nick is an avid catch-and-release fisherman. He fishes walleye, bass, steelhead and muskie in a number of lakes and rivers for the pure enjoyment of being in nature!


Gary from Louisiana

Gary fishes bass and loves flipping and pitching. He mostly uses a variety of baits and prefers his 7.1:1 bait casters like the Abu Garcia Max.


Meet Matt from Massachusetts! 

Matt has a wide range of fishing holes to choose from in his region. He fishes bass and carp, having a preference for a baitcasting setup with Texas rigged senkos, jigs, swimbaits, and lipless cranks for bass fishing.


Feature Sponsorship Awardees August 2019


Ronald from New Brunswick

Ron fishes off side banks and in his small boat for striped bass And speckled trout. He also fishes during the winters in New Brunswick!


Meet Leroy from Georgia!

Leroy and his family spend the weekends fishing bass together. We love that the whole family have an outdoor hobby together!


Meet Taryn from Indiana!

She loves her time on the water with her grandfather who has taught her everything she knows about bass tournaments and fishing. She's on the lake 3-5 times a week and can’t get enough of it! What’s most important to her is cherishing the memories she gets to make with her grandfather and learn so much about new styles of fishing.



Meet Tyler, the 402 Outdoorsman, from Colorado! 

Tyler reviewed one of the reels we sent him here!


Feature Sponsorship Awardees July 2019

Meet Allan from Nebraska!

Allan swears by the 12+1BB White & Gold Reel - read his testimonial!


Chuck from Oklahoma

Chuck is a serious bass tournament fisherman! He has also started a fishing club in OKC. Look him up!

Bella from Ohio

Bella fishes mostly bass, but also likes cat, walleye, perch, and crappie. She is passionate about being a Fishing Savage Sponsorship Ambassador and is excited to share her knowledge about Fishing Savage fishing tackle to young anglers.

James and Mark from Arizona

James fishes trout, bass and pan in lakes and rivers across states of AZ, CO, MI, NV, and WA. He enjoys using open face and bait casting rods and reels, and has also spent time fly fishing.

Congrats to Mark who has his first fish here in this photo!

Feature Sponsorship Awardees June 2019


Meet Josh from Wisconsin! 

He is Fishing Savage's 1st sponsorship of 2019!

Josh says, "I love trying different reels, and new rods, my favorite fish to go after are largemouth, smallys, and walleye."

Thank you, Josh, for being a loyal customer of Fishing Savage. We look forward to our partnership ahead!


Meet Ryan!

Our 2nd member of Fishing Savage Sponsorship Program.

"I'm always looking for innovative and new products. Once I found you I knew I had to get in on it and share your products."

We are looking forward to having Ryan use our gear in the Pacific Northwest!

Meet Steve from Texas!

Our newest member of Fishing Savage Sponsorship Program.

Steve is an expert bass fisherperson and wants America's rivers and lakes clean for young fisherpeople.

Watch Steve's bass tournament video here!


Meet Jim from Texas! 

Jim is Fishing Savage's 4th sponsored fisherperson in June!

He bass fishes all over Texas and Oklahoma in tournament trials. He's also partial to senko fishing and Carolina rigging.

NEW! Intermediate & Promotional Sponsorship Awardees

Intermediate Sponsorship Awardees:                               Promotional Sponsorship Awardees:

Andrew D from Virginia                                                     Charles G from North Carolina

Mykal J from Tennessee                                                   Fred Z from Ontario

Anthony E from Ohio                                                       Gary B from Louisiana

Christopher from Georgia                                                 Jaden from NSW Australia

Jeff L from Mississippi                                                     Jason W from Arizona

Jeff S from Oklahoma

Dillan D from Georgia

Steven C from the US

Nick M from North Carolina


NEW! Fishing Savage Junior Sponsorship


We've had a lot of interest in our program from Junior fisherpeople. Because of this, we have added a FS Junior Sponsorship program!

What the Junior Program looks like:

  • Receipt of a Fishing Savage product such as a hat, t-shirt, water bottle, etc.

  • A free lure from our shop.

  • Name, state and fishing interest posted here on our Sponsorship page.

Junior Fishing Savage Sponsorship Participants can then:

  • Post photos of using FS gear on your own Social Media channels

  • Promote clean water awareness to the public as a Fishing Savage Junior Sponsor

Junior Sponsorship Awardees


Gwen from Illinois likes to fish crappie and bass

Matt from New Jersey fishes both fresh and saltwater

Hank from Tennessee uses many techniques & bait for catching all kinds of bass

Drew from Indiana fishes bass

Dakota from Colorado fishes bass

Brothers Caden, Leroy and Tristan Lee from Georgia bass fish with their dad in all sorts of waters

Friends Robert & Turner from Nebraska like to fish for bass

James from Illinois likes to lake fish for salmon

Riley fishes in lakes for bass in the lakes and rivers of Minnesota

Dylan from New Jersey fishes bass, catfish, carp and trout

Josh from PA fishes bass in ponds and lakes

Goran from NJ does both fresh and saltwater fishing along the East Coast

Tyler fishes for trout in mountain streams, and for bass and crappie in streams near his home