5Pcs Fishing Crankbaits in a box plus FREE Spinning Reel and Line

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"What an amazing deal. I ordered 4 myself just to have them as presents for my fishing buddies. The lures have great colors and will definitely catch fish. The reel is not the best one you can have but it is perfect for a backup reel in case anything bad happens with your other one. Plus it is absolutely free and it comes with a fishing line. Maybe I had to order 8, not 4 lol"

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- John E.
Texas, USA
Order our Crankbaits and get a FREE spinning reel and fishing line.
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Spinning Reel Features:
Bearings: 3BB
Gear Ratio:5.2:1
Line Capacity: 0.18mm/240m,0.2mm/195mm
Right and Left hand interchangeable
Fishing Line Size: Size 6, 40 Meter
Crankbaits Features:

5pcs crankbaits in a storage box.
Each lure comes with double triple hooks.
Colorful lures to entice big strikes.
Create lifelike swimming actions.
Separate compartments in a box.
Lure Size:4.5cm/1.77"

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